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Marketing Department's Lecture

Topic:    “That’s bitter!” Culture specific effects of gustatory experience on judgments of fairness and advancement

Speaker:Fang Wan

Time:     14:00 Nov.20 2017

Place:    Room1008,Mingde Bussiness Building


In English, unfair treatment and social injustice are often described as “bitter” experiences, but in Chinese “eating bitterness” refers to endurance in the face of hardship. We tested the influence of these metaphors by assessing Canadian and Chinese participants’ responses to a fairness and an achievement scenario after incidental exposure to a bitter, sweet or neutral taste. A bitter taste experience increased Chinese (but not Canadian) participants’ judgments of effort and motivation in the face of hardship (Study 1) and increased Canadian (but not Chinese) participants’ perceptions of unfairness (Studies 2 and 3).