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General Management Department's Lecture

Topic:     Business model, what it should do: Focus on business model and strategy complementarity

Speaker:Cho, Sung Eui(professor, Gyeongsang National University)

Time:      12:00 Dec.19 2017

Place:      Room1007,Mingde Bussiness Building


Business model can be defined as a framework, architecture, and design of  value creation, delivery, and capture mechanisms a firm or organization employs and it generally deals with the activities of invention, discovery, design, innovation, experimentation, reconfiguration, and management of the ways of businesses. The business model is rising as a more and more significant concept in modern economy with the increase of the opportunities of new business creation and achieving higher competitiveness through the applications of new ideas and technologies. However, the relationship between business model and strategy still has foggy points and so needs further clear definitions. This study explores the relationship between business model and strategy focusing on major activities conducted by innovative entrepreneurs around the two different conceptual domains. Interpretive case study was employed as research methodology of this study and in- depth interviews were conducted on innovative entrepreneurs in South Korea.