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Marketing Department's Lecture

Time:14:00 Dec.19 2017

Place:Room1007,Mingde Bussiness Building

Topic1:Design a Package to Upgrade Your Brand: The Effect of Package Shape on Brand Status Perception and Brand Choice

Speaker:Huan Chen


This research examines the effect of package shape on consumer perception of brand status and the underlying process from the lay theory perspective. Across four studies, we show that a tall, slender package creates the perception of higher brand status for a product than does a short, wide package holding the same amount of product. We also demonstrate that this effect is driven by the consumer lay theory that a person’s body shape is associated with his or her socioeconomic status. Furthermore, we identify product user as a boundary condition for the package-shape effect and demonstrate its downstream implications for brand choice.

Topic2:Magic numbers: Expressing information in odd numbers increases preference for healthy products.

Speaker:Haoying Wu

Abstract:Would numerical information of products influence consumers’ preference for healthy food? More specifically, can expressing product information in odd numbers, compared with in even numbers, increase the attractiveness of healthy food? Imagine the experience when you go to a supermarket to buy some healthy bread, you find two kinds of wholegrain bread available. They have similar nutritional components but different length of expiration dates. One has a five-day shelf life, whereas the other has a six-day shelf life. Which one will you buy? In this research, we first discussed distinctions between odd and even numbers, and intuitions that consumers held of healthy food and ordinary food. Then based on processing fluency, we analyzed why marketing communication in odd numbers increased preference for healthy food.