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General Management Department's Lecture

Topic:    1、How to conduct Research in the Chinese context  2、Do CEO Awards Motivate Financial Misconduct?

Speaker:Wei Shi

Time:      14:00 Dec.14 2017

Place:      Room1008,Mingde Bussiness Building


This study proposes that CEOs who have won prestigious CEO awards will experience an increase in their psychological entitlement, which can induce them to engage in financial misconduct. The influence of winning CEO awards on financial misconduct is stronger when award-winning CEOs are from industries where award winners are rare or from small firms because awards carry greater significance for these CEOs. Yet, firms led by award-winning CEOs will be punished more severely than those led by CEOs who have not won any such awards for the same type of financial misconduct because misconduct by the former can trigger stronger negative expectancy violations among regulators than misconduct by the latter. Using a sample of award-winning CEOs, we find empirical support for our arguments. Findings from this study contribute to organizational misconduct research by showing that meaningful events experienced by CEOs can sow the seeds of corporate malfeasance.