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General Management Department's Lecture

TIME: 14:00,23Apr,2018
PLACE:Room 706,Business Building 
SPEAKER:Michael Carney (PhD, University of Bradford, UK)
TOPIC:National institutional systems, foreign ownership and firm performance: The case of understudied countries

We analyse the relationship between institutional systems (configurations of countries with similar institutional characteristics) and firm performance. We use a large sample of firms from understudied countries to explore whether the performance impact of these configurations is the same (“equifinality”), whether this holds across different measures of firm performance (“Tversky effect”), and whether some institutional configurations better support foreign-owned firms. We find that it is possible to rank institutional systems according to their impact on irm performance, but the ranking differs according to the performance measure. Although foreign ownership on average confers performance advantages, the magnitude of the impact depends on the configuration. Our findings contribute to the understanding of the importance of institutional similarities across countries, and to the implications of these similarities for the theory of the MNE.

Michael Carney (PhD, University of Bradford, UK) is the Concordia University Research Chair in Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the John Molson School of Business, Montréal. He has published work on the corporate and organizational strategies of Asia’s family-owned business groups. He is the former editor-in-chief of the Asia Pacific Journal of Management. His research is published in Academy of Management Journal, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Journal of Management, Journal of Management Studies, Management and Organization Review, Organizations Studies, and Strategic Management Journal.